Spiral Staircases by Deslo Metal

Step into the world of unparalleled craftsmanship with Deslo Metal’s railings. More than just barriers, our metal railings are statement pieces, meticulously designed to elevate every space they grace.

The Deslo Metal Distinction

You have limited space for your staircase, Prestige Metal has developed a spiral staircase for you. Contemporary and refined in design, it embraces the smallest places where a traditional staircase would not appear.

Its architectural concept reveals a perfect curved railing, the result of the smoothness of the assembly of its radian steps. In addition to being practical and elegant, this unique and well-thought-out piece will arouse the curiosity of all your guests.

Everything is delivered to you in easy-to-install spare parts. Designed in steel, it is offered in two standard sizes of 56 and 67 ½” inches in diameter. For added customization, you can cover the steel steps with your own wooden steps if you wish.

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Painted steel spiral stair case (powder coating).
Spiral 1 1/2” steel handrail in two or three sections.
Adjustable riser height.
Reinforcement is always required at the top and bottom. Refer to the National building code.
Delivered unassembled.
Easy and ready to install.

DESLO METAL: The Art and Engineering Behind Iconic Spiral Staircases Spiral staircases have always been architectural marvels, blending form with function in a dance of design and utility. More than just connectors between floors, these structures are moving sculptures that reflect style, sophistication, and stability. At DESLO METAL, our passion for these winding marvels sets us apart.

Versatility in Design

  • Corporate Aesthetics: In commercial spaces, our staircases become more than just functional structures; they’re the heartbeat of design, balancing aesthetics and purposeful movement.

  • Residential Refinement: Our staircases in homes are harmonious extensions of living spaces, mirroring luxury, safety, and architectural fluency.

Engineering and Artistry: A Synchronized Ballet Every staircase we craft is a balance of top-tier materials and advanced fabrication. While each promises unmatched structural soundness, it’s their artistic flair that makes them stand out.

The DESLO METAL Promise: Excellence in Every Detail

  • Craftsmanship: A blend of engineering precision and innovative design ensures our staircases aren’t just practical, but true pieces of art.

  • Safety First: Beauty is essential, but so is safety. Our designs ensure stability and security in each step.

  • Design Distinction: Our staircases make architectural statements, enriching spaces with their distinct elegance.

  • Sustainability in Craft: Our approach emphasizes eco-responsibility, focusing on sustainable materials and processes.

Final Thoughts DESLO METAL’s spiral staircases are more than just functional elements. They are design icons that transform spaces. Entrust your vision to DESLO METAL and experience staircases that echo craftsmanship, safety, and unparalleled beauty.

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