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About Deslo Metal

At the heart of the Deslo family lies a passion for creating unparalleled craftsmanship in the realm of metalworks, stairs, and custom products. Our portfolio expands across a range of distinct brands, each catering to specific needs yet united by the spirit of innovation and commitment to quality.

  • DesloMetal: Our dedication to perfection is apparent in every metal piece we craft. From the intricate details of our Metal Railings and Metal Interior Stairs to the robust appeal of our Structural Beams/Column, we are redefining metal craftsmanship. Step into a world where Metal meets Elegance.

  • DesloStairs: Where art and engineering converge. Our masterpieces don’t just connect levels; they elevate spaces. Whether you’re an architect, a designer, or a homeowner, our creations cater to all, making each ascent and descent a journey to remember. Discover more at DesloStairs.

  • Deslo: As our flagship brand, Deslo stands at the intersection of creativity and functionality. We offer a vast range of products and services tailored to your needs. From consultation to installation, we are with you at every step. Explore our offerings at Deslo.

  • DesloShop: Dive into our online boutique, offering an assortment of curated products designed to elevate your surroundings. From home essentials to custom pieces, DesloShop brings quality craftsmanship to your doorstep.

Interested in turning your vision into reality? Our team of skilled artisans and engineers are at your service. Start your next project with us at DesloMetal.

For further inquiries or to discuss bespoke requirements, please Contact Us. We look forward to transforming your spaces with our expertise.

Trust in our expertise. Experience the DesloMetal difference.

DesloMetal Product Offerings: Crafting Excellence in Every Detail

Spiral Staircase: A seamless blend of elegance and functionality. Our spiral staircases are more than just architectural features; they are aesthetic masterpieces that transform spaces. Expertly crafted to ensure stability without compromising on beauty. Discover the enchantment of movement with every step. Explore Spiral Staircase.

Black Frame Glass Door: A harmonious union of strength and sophistication. These doors accentuate interiors, providing clear sightlines while delineating spaces with contemporary elegance. Experience the Clarity.

Custom Metal Millwork: Tailored solutions that capture unique visions. Our craftsmen meticulously shape metals to provide bespoke installations and furnishings, ensuring each piece mirrors your desired aesthetics. Unfold Personalized Craftsmanship.

Home Office Glass Doors: Enhance productivity with style. These doors offer the perfect blend of privacy and openness, fostering focus while integrating seamlessly with any interior theme. Elevate Your Workspace.

Metal Exterior Stairs: Built for endurance and designed to impress. Our exterior stairs withstand the elements while offering a modern touch to building exteriors. Ascend with Assurance.

Metal Interior Stairs: Transform interiors with our range of stair solutions. Crafted with precision, they offer fluid transitions between levels, while accentuating indoor aesthetics. Step into Style.

Metal Railings: Functional artistry at its best. Our railings not only ensure safety but also serve as a visual delight, elevating spaces with their intricate designs. Grasp Design Excellence.

Stainless Steel: Witness impeccable craftsmanship in our stainless steel products. Known for durability and a sleek finish, they integrate seamlessly into diverse settings. Experience Stainless Elegance.

Structural Beams/Column: The unseen heroes of construction. Our beams and columns promise unwavering support, ensuring the skeletal strength of your buildings while meeting architectural nuances. Build on Our Expertise.

Divider Beams for Elevators: Elevate safety and functionality. Our divider beams ensure smooth and efficient elevator operations, prioritizing both utility and design. Ascend Safely with Deslo.

Exterior Emergency Stairs: Prioritize safety without sidelining design. Our emergency stairs guarantee swift evacuations while seamlessly blending with building exteriors. Safety Meets Design.

Commercial Railings: Marrying durability with design for commercial spaces. Our railings cater to the unique demands of commercial properties, ensuring safety while enhancing the visual appeal. Discover Commercial Craftsmanship.

Guards: Shielding spaces with precision. Our guards offer essential safety, be it for balconies, terraces, or other elevated areas, while integrating seamlessly with architectural designs. Guard with Grace.

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